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Consulting Division

Southeast Management Company offers a wide variety of management & consulting services.

SEM now offers a Consulting Services Division. When you engage Southeast Management & Consulting (SEM&C) as an independent consultant, we focus on providing organizational change management, process analysis, technology implementation, strategy development and/or operational improvement services all geared towards solving complex challenges.

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At SEM&C, we understand that you are looking for the most value for the investigation performed and we work to perform the appropriate level of investigation to get answers to the concerns at your property. SEM&C strives to understand each client’s specific needs in order to create a comprehensive plan in an efficient, safe and cost effective manner.

SEM&C prides itself on its staff of experienced personnel with extensive large-scale investigation, project management and oversight experience. The team of SEM&C professionals will design customized scopes of work addressing specific challenges to help you meet the critical levels of performance. Allow SEM&C to function as a bridge for information and knowledge, and that SEM&C can provide bridging these services more economically than any other Industry Consulting Firm.

SEM&C helps Owners and Property Managers meet legal requirements while reducing their liability exposure and maximizing revenue and asset performance.

The SEM&C Staff identifies cost-effective solutions, in order to successfully complete projects on schedule and within budget, and develops long-term relationships with our clients to understand their long-term goals and budgetary needs.


The most successful audits require substantial upfront preparation by the audit team to understand the nature of the client’s facility and its existing culture.

A Level-1 Audit is intended to help the team understand where the facility performs relative to its competition, establish a baseline for measuring improvements and decide whether further evaluation is warranted.

A Level-2 Audit builds on the findings from Level-1 audits and evaluates building systems in detail to define a variety of potential operational efficiency improvements.

The Gap Audit. SEM finds that many clients want a fresh assessment of their facility to determine areas of weakness or non-compliance. SEM provides Gap Analysis utilizing senior level team members to provide an assessment of the current condition of the client’s facility. In a sense this is a type of audit but at the programmatic level. In many instances our professionals will spot more detailed concerns and these will also be passed along to the client. SEM will perform the Gap Analysis very cost effectively as a way to demonstrate SEM’s value and to help our client chart a course towards a more comprehensive program.

Physical Needs Assessment Audit is designed to address all existing conditions, outstanding maintenance issues and to identify any building code violations. For example, major structural, electrical, plumbing and HVAC components of each structure, as well as site improvements, are assessed for condition, status of completion, general code conformance, life cycle costs, sufficiency for their intended use and extent of defects and depreciation. SEM’s Building Assessments team interviews site personnel, performs document reviews and conducts walk-through surveys noting the physical condition of the building systems and components. The PNA includes a site inspection, owner/operator interview and questionnaire and preparation of a report documenting the findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Upon completion of the physical assessment of the property, SEM’s professional staff will provide the client any recommendations to correct any conditions that may affect the health or safety or current or future customers. SEM will then formulate and present our recommendations with a budget to enhance the physical and aesthetic condition of the property to maximize its position in the marketplace. The PNA can be an essential tool in determining the subject site value and approximate cost in possible repairs and/or investment in the property.

The Hidden Income Audit is solely designed to increase the client’s bottom line. With our experience, expertise and insight, we will be able to provide you with an objective analysis of your facility. This analysis will optimize operations in vital categories and increase the return on your self-storage investment.

Participating in this service allows you to witness the key areas of your business and see the hidden income that can improve your bottom line investment. We want to discover every penny of untapped income.

Our analysis will entail expense control methods and specific recommendations to improve your property’s efficiency. The savings are seen quickly and drastically outweigh the cost of this service.

The Shopping Service Audit can provide you with a real picture of what is going on at your self-storage facility when you are not there. Unlike other mystery shopping companies that hire “shoppers” with no operational experience, we use proven operations personnel with actual experience out in the field to evaluate just how effective your team is. Our belief is that if you want a true analysis of what is going on at your property, you should use a company that not only has the experience in the industry, but has consultants with proven history as multi-facility managers doing your mystery shops, not a part time person trying to make some spending money with no investment in self storage or your success. The answer is obvious. You need a return on your investment and to do so you need a report created by experts you can use to improve the performance of your facility.

We also offer a menu of informational packets for sale that assist in implementing industry “best practices” into your organization.

Administrative & Operational Forms.
New Employee Hiring & Screening Packet.
Company Handbook/P&P Manual.
The Green Book.
Budgeting & Forecasting.

Staffing & Clients

We do our best to match the best available staff with the client’s needs, as well as the existing SEM team and corporate culture. We have experience placing SEM professionals in these roles and will carefully tailor the individual to your needs. We understand that the SEM professional we send to your site becomes an extension of your staff and therefore the performance directly impacts the facility’s reputation.